term life insurance for 46 year old male

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I am a licensed life insurance agent and love working with Ethos Life for a reason.They are a no B.S. company and have 100% no medical exam routes and options. I ran some quotes for 46 year old males and females at 3 different categories. Most fall into the standard bucket. Standard rates are based off the average American in terms of height and weight, prescription drugs, credit, and other factors. I ran 15 year options but you can go lower at 10 years or as high as 30 years. The death benefit was set at $250,000 but we can go as low as $100,000 and as high as $1.5 Million. These are non-tobacco rates as well.

Male 46 Year Old

Best Health: $26/month

Standard Health: $43/month

Sub-Standard Health: $61/month

Female 46 Year Old

Best Health: $20/month

Standard Health:$41/month

Sub-Standard Health: $58/month

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