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I was frustrated with all the agents trying to sell me whole life insurance. I follow Dave Ramsey and love all his advice. He recommends to buy term life insurance as everything else is a "rip off" according to him. I was pleasantly surprised when my agent advised me of the same! It was only $18.97/month for a $500,000 15 year term life insurance policy. I also got approved without a medical exam.

Anna Olson 

Staten Island, NY 

 I recently became a father...this was the first time I've ever thought about life insurance. My wife is not returning to work for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I needed to protect my family asap. I literally got approved while I was in the waiting room of the hospital! Don't ask me how they approved me in 20 minutes-although it's amazing that there are policies like that! I feel so blessed and relieved. 

Julian Moore

Costa Mesa, Ca


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